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Online budgeting apps for every kind of saver & spender

For some, saving money comes naturally. They add a certain amount of their paycheck every month without fail. Others are not so dedicated. This could be for several reasons. No matter what our saving or spending style is you can find an online app that will help you improve your finances.

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An Uncommon Story – Ascension Recovery Services

Ascension Recovery Services, headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia, was founded by CEO Doug Leech. Leech has gone through addiction and recovery himself, leading to a level of empathy, understanding, and commitment to its residents and community that’s unparalleled to anywhere else. That’s why First United Bank is proud to help share its uncommon story.

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6 Apps that can Save you Big at the Gas Pump

Gas prices are one of those budget items that are unpredictable at times. Oil prices can be affected by the political climate, trade disputes and refinery issues. You can fuel up for $50 one week and pay nearly twice that much the next. These apps can help ease the burden on your wallet.

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“My bank means professionalism. It means the personalized touch that you get. I have a contact person that I can call, they understand all of my accounts. I get help ASAP which as a business person you have to have.”

Kathy Shaffer