Our Culture

We're a Family
Our unique employee culture drives our results. This culture was forged by generations of employees who contributed their passions and talents to the First United family. Each of us takes personal responsibility to nurture and care for our family, making First United more than just another place to work.


Customer Experience
First United associates demonstrate high standards of excellence when providing service to our customers. We live by the golden rule, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” We take the time to know our customers and earn their trust. We exceed expectations. Every day.

Team Approach
We credit our long-term success and exceptional achievements to the timeless value of teamwork. Each person is vital to our collective success. Working together allows us to “out-national the local banks, and out-local the national banks” when it comes to serving our customers.

Community Commitment
We prove our commitment to our local communities every day. We don’t just talk it; we live it. We get involved, raise our hands, and rally together when our community has a need. We call this Share-The-Love! We know our efforts make a difference.

Continual Learning
Our professional growth derives from natural curiosity and a desire to learn. We work in an industry that is wonderfully complex and always evolving. To be successful, we embrace learning. Our teammates are the best resource in our self-development. We continually see ourselves as learners, teachers or both!