First United Cash Management Services


As a business owner, we know that cash flow is regularly on your mind. Our suite of services–combined with our team of experts–will take away much of the stress that you deal with on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. First United can help you get a better understanding of the ins and outs of cash management, and our products and services will make it easier to operate day in and day out.

Business Internet Banking

Manage funds across all your First United business accounts simply and securely.

Business Mobile Banking

Now you can manage every account everywhere you go.

Mobile Deposit Capture

Your smartphone just got a degree in business. Deposit checks from anywhere.

Merchant Services

Now you can say, “Yes, we take that, too.”

My Deposit Anytime - Remote Deposit Capture

Skip the next trip to the bank and deposit checks from your business.

Positive Pay

Now you can approve checks before they process to minimize risks.

Sweep Accounts

Maximize returns by automatically moving money into higher yielding accounts.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

Get FDIC protection on your demand deposit accounts and/or money market deposit accounts.

Escrow Services

We can serve as a third party for large transactions.

ResubmitIt® Check Recovery

Dramatically improve the collection of non-sufficient funds checks with this free service.


“My Bank opened the door with open arms to us. They were very supportive and were excited about what our plans were and very helpful. They are there for any needs that we need. They have given us many different ideas for what they can do to help us make our business better and bigger.” Wendy Lewis, Wendy’s Towne Restaurant

My Bank takes the stress out of managing business finances.



Some customers have reported receiving text message alerts, stating that their debit card has been "blocked" and that they need to reply to the text message with their full debit card number. This is a phishing attempt and you should never enter your card information or any other private personal information into a text message or email.

Please know that First United will never ask you for confidential or private information through text, email or social media channels. If you are ever unsure about a communication from the Bank, please contact our Customer Care Center directly at 1-888-692-2654.