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By providing your employees with a solid retirement savings option, you show them that you care–not just about the work they do, but also about their personal lives and their long term goals. First United makes it easy to provide this valuable benefit.


Give employees the opportunity to save for retirement with optional contributions from the company.


With a Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement (SEP IRA), your business makes contributions to the employee’s account in this retirement plan.


Through a Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employees (SIMPLE), you match at least 3% of your employees’ contributions or 2% of employee salaries.

"We're a second generation pharmacy that knows the value of good neighbors and strong relationships. We've got a great partner in my bank; they help us run the store more efficiently and support some of our favorite organizations including League for Crippled Children, Frostburg State University and the Shriners."

Bob Martin, Potomac Valley Pharmacy

Choose the Right Plan

Our specialists can help you decide the best plan to offer your employees.

Convert An Existing Plan

Rolling over your accounts doesn’t have to be hard. Talk to First United to get started.

Nonprofit Plans

If you operate a nonprofit organization, talk to First United about your retirement plan options.

Do you have realistic retirement goals? First United can help you plan. Contact Us



Some customers have reported receiving text message alerts, stating that their debit card has been "blocked" and that they need to reply to the text message with their full debit card number. This is a phishing attempt and you should never enter your card information or any other private personal information into a text message or email.

Please know that First United will never ask you for confidential or private information through text, email or social media channels. If you are ever unsure about a communication from the Bank, please contact our Customer Care Center directly at 1-888-692-2654.