Control Your Cards.

Your debit card is completely under your control.

With Card Controls from First United, your My Bank Mobile app gives you the ability to control when, where and how your debit card can be used. With this incredible security feature, you will have full control over your spending. Turn your card off if you misplace it; set spending limits on your card; even control where your card is used and how much can be spent when using it!

This feature is completely free and available now on your My Bank Mobile app for personal accounts. 

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Card Controls - Our new feature allows you to turn your debit cards on and off

Avoid card fraud - disable certain transaction types to avoid fraud.



Protect Yourself From Potential Card Fraud


With Transaction Type controls, you'll be able to decide what types of purchases you want your First United debit card to be capable of; for example, if you don't want to allow online purchases using your card number, simply turn them off! You can enable or disable six different types of transactions on any card that you control. Transaction types include:

  • In-Store Purchases
  • eCommerce Online Purchases
  • Mail or Phone Order Purchases
  • Auto Pay Purchases
  • ATM Transactions
  • "Other" Transactions not matching the above noted categories





Stay on Budget


Turn on the Threshold Amount feature to set a monetary threshold for purchases. Any time a purchase exceeds that amount, it will be declined. This is useful for:

  • Helping Prevent Overspending
  • Protecting Your Account From Large Fraudulent Purchases


Set Spending Limits - Set transaction limits directly from your app!
Specify Regions - Set the regions where your cards are accepted.



Control Where Your Card Is Used


With Location & Merchant Controls, you'll be able to block international purchases, map out and create specific "regions" where your card purchases will be accepted, or even block specific types of merchant transactions from your card. 

  • Regions allows you to define up to three (3) geographical areas in which transactions are permitted.
  • Merchant Types allows you to disable transactions at specific merchant types, such as Department Stores or Gas Stations.




Know When Your Card Is Used


In the Alerts Menu, you'll be able to turn on alerts for each of your cards to notify you when a purchase is made. You can be alerted to all transactions or specific transactions or amounts, such as:

  • Specific Merchant Type Alerts (e.g. Gas Stations, Restaurants, etc)
  • Transaction Type Alerts (e.g. In-Store, eCommerce, ATM, etc)
  • International Transaction Alerts
  • Transactions that exceed a minimum threshold amount

Card Usage Alert Example Image
Example card alert


Manage Your Alerts - Stay in control of your latest account activity with push notifications.







Frequently Asked Questions for Card Controls & Alerts

  • What are Card Controls?
    Card Controls allow you to control how and where your debit card is used. You can Enable or Disable your debit card for use, restrict card usage to specific types of Merchants and/or Transaction Types, set Transaction Limits and restrict card use to specific geographical regions.
  • How do I enroll my debit cards for Card Controls?
    Add your cards in three easy steps: 1) Sign in using the most up-to-date version of the My Bank Mobile app. 2) Select Cards Controls from the 'More' menu. 3) Select 'Add' to enroll into Card Controls.

    NOTE: Only cards in your name will be available for you to add and monitor. Any card associated with your checking account that is NOT in your name will not be visible or accessible within Card Controls.
  • Can I disable my debit card for use if I have lost or misplaced my card?
    Yes, once enrolled in Card Controls select the desired card and slide Enable card for use into the off position to disable. If you find your card, you can just as easily, and instantly, re-enable your card with that same button.

  • If I disable my card, are all transactions stopped?
    Most transactions will be denied while your card is disabled, however, any recurring payments that you have established using your debit card number will be allowed through for processing (e.g. Netflix, etc).
  • How long does it take for Card Control changes to take effect?
    The changes made in Card Controls are effective immediately.
  • How are Merchant Types used?
    Merchant Type controls can be used to permit or restrict your debit card from being used with specific categories of merchants. Merchant Types include Department Stores, Entertainment, Gas Station, Groceries, Household, Personal Care, Restaurants, and Travel. A Merchant Category is assigned based on the merchant’s primary line of business by the Debit Card processor they use. Debit Card processors will assign businesses a single Merchant Category code based on the higher volume of service/merchandise sales.
  • How are Transaction Types Used?
    Transaction Types can be used to control which types of transactions are permitted. Transaction Types include In-Store, Online, Mail/Phone Order, Auto Pay, ATM, and Funds Transfer.
  • What is a Threshold Amount?
    A Threshold Amount is the maximum dollar amount allowed per transaction. If a transaction exceeds your defined limit, the transaction is declined. Threshold Amounts will not increase your existing card limits.
  • What are My Regions?
    Regions allow you to assign each enrolled card to a geographical area. When a transaction is initiated, the merchant’s location will be compared to your defined Region(s). If the transaction occurs outside of your Region(s), it is denied. For example, you’ve defined your region as Maryland. You place an order Online through a company transacting out of California. In this scenario, the transaction will be declined.
  • How do I create a Region?
    Create a Region by zooming in and out on the map or by entering a specific Region. Although the visible area on your map is square, regions are contained within circles. This may cause areas within the corners of your map to fall outside of the Region. If this happens, edit your Region and zoom out on your map. Regions must have at least a five-mile radius.
  • Can I define a Region for card use and Block International transactions?
    The Location Controls allows you to select My Regions or Block International Regions. For example, for My Regions to be enabled, Block International will need to be disabled.
  • Does my device have to be physically within a defined Region for a transaction to be approved?
    No. The location of the transaction will be compared to your defined Regions, not your mobile device location.
  • What would happen if I disable the Transaction and Merchant Type Card Control?
    Disabling the Transaction and/or Merchant Type Card Controls would turn off any controls that you may have selected within each category. All Transaction and/or Merchant Types would be permitted.
  • What are Card Alerts?
    Card alerts allow you to receive push notification alerts notifying you of recent debit card transactions. You can activate or deactivate card alerts, set card alerts for specific types of merchants and/or transaction types, and select a threshold transaction amount for receiving a card alert.
  • How do I enroll in Card Alerts?
    Enrollment of your debit cards into Card Controls will automatically turn on Debit Card Alerts for all debit card transactions. From the “More” menu select “Card Controls” and add your debit cards to the service. You can then review your alert preferences using “Alerts” from the “More” menu.
  • What types of alerts are available?
    You have the ability to select alerts for all debit cards transactions or choose the types of debit card transactions you would like to receive alerts using merchant types, transaction types, threshold limit and international categories. You can also select none to turn off alerts; however, mandatory alerts still apply.
  • How are Merchant Type Alerts Used?
    You will receive an alert when an enrolled card is used with specific categories of merchants, such as restaurants and department stores.
  • How are Transaction Type Alerts Used?
    Use transaction type alerts to control which types of transactions trigger an alert. For example, if you do not often make online purchases, you could enable eCommerce to receive an alert when an enrolled card is used in an online transaction.
  • What is a Threshold Amount Alert?
    A threshold amount alert is the dollar amount that, if exceeded, will trigger an alert. If a transaction exceeds your defined amount, an alert will be delivered to your mobile device.
  • What is the International Alert?
    The international alert will be delivered any time the card is used in a transaction outside of the registered country.
  • Are Card Controls & Alerts Available for Business Accounts?
    No. Currently, Card Controls and Alerts are only available for personal accounts on the My Bank Mobile personal app. Any business interested in monitoring their card activity can call our Customer Care Center at 1-888-692-2654 or click the link below to get more information about SecurLock, a separate app, which can provide the same information to you about your business card usage.

    Click here to enter your email address and receive more information about SecurLock.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions regarding Card Controls or to Report Fraud?
    Contact our Customer Care Center at 1-888-692-2654.