Employee Value Proposition

At the heart of First United, is you, our associate.  As we look to the future, you will make the difference. While our national and regional competitors will compete for customers based on price, we will compete with something much more valuable to our customers; our long-term trusted relationships. We will be the community bank in the communities we serve. We will set ourselves apart by creating value for our customers; and you, our employees, will be the distinction.

Our employee culture will be built upon these values:

  • Our employees are confident and believe in themselves and our bank.
  • Our employees are passionate about providing uncommon service and customized solutions for your customers.
  • Our employees are curious and caring, wanting to know your customers and understand their financial and personal goals.
  • Our employees are competent, taking advantage of the opportunities we offer to develop themselves personally, intellectually and emotionally.
  • Our employees demonstrate mutual respect, where they value teamwork as an effective means of satisfying all of our customer needs.
  • Our employees are community oriented, like our COBOs, living in, working in, volunteering in and supporting our local communities.
  • Our employees are trustworthy, building lasting relationships with each other and your customers, both internal and external.
  • Our employees are family oriented, part of the First United family and we encourage them to maintain a proper balance between work and their personal lives.
  • Our employees are focused on achievement and are rewarded and recognized for superior internal and external customer service and for personal talent development.

The management team pledges to live by these values and to provide the support and resources that you need to continue your personal development.  These are the values that we base the hiring of new team members, and that we incorporate into our self-evaluations and individual development plans.   By embracing these values in our daily activities, where our unique talents and passions expand; our customers will notice the difference and will value the experience! 




Inclement Weather Notice - November 16, 2018:

Please watch for updates to our hours of operation, as poor weather conditions contiune to effect the areas we serve.