Overdraft Services

First United makes it easy to avoid expensive and embarrassing overdrafts. To start, we never charge customers if we determine your account is overdrawn by a total amount less than $10, so you're covered when you cut it close. We also offer several services to help you avoid overdrafts and keep your checking account in the black:

  1. Link with Savings
    You can link your checking account with a savings account. When you overdraft, the difference is automatically pulled from your savings account.
  2. Link with A Personal Credit Line
    Link your checking account with a Personal Credit Line (PCL). This line will cover overdrafts in exchange for a low annual fee.
  3. Opt-Out of Overdraft Services
    If overdrafts are a consistent problem for you, you can opt out of any overdraft coverage. This opt-out means items presented against insufficient funds will be returned as applicable by law. Any previous “opt-in” request to our Standard Overdraft Protection will be discontinued which may result in ATM or Point of Sale transactions being rejected or declined at the time of transaction. Customers are responsible for the return items charges from First United, as well as any charges from the merchant for return of the item. Most customers prefer to avoid these additional charges and the embarrassments of declined payments, so this opt-out is intended as a last resort in special circumstances. This option may not result in a reduction of fees.

Personal Credit Line ApplicationView a Printable Internet Banking User Guide


Additional Features and Services


INTERNET BANKING – Manage your banking anytime and from anywhere to ensure you stay on top of your accounts easily and quickly.


MOBILE DEPOSIT – Deposit checks from your smartphone and eliminate drive-time to the bank for stress-free account management.


MOBILE BANKING – Accomplish your banking needs in a matter of minutes when your bank is in the palm of your hand.


DEBIT CARD – Shop just about anywhere and the purchase gets deducted from your checking account. Leave the cash and checks at home.


FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Call now with you're banking or financial challenge and we'll prove that no obstacle is too great when you have us at your side.


BRANCH LOCATIONS – You won't have to drive too far to find us. We're conveniently located to serve your needs.


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